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Ok I have seen people say wish is a better way healing than moonlight but on my diamond my umbreon is lvl 100 and nvr got a chance to teach him wish and I dnt see any tm called wish in the guide book!?!

To be honest with you, I don't know why people say that Wish is better than Moonlight. Wish restores 1/2 of the maximum HP at the end of the next turn. It works even if the user has switched out. Moonlight recovers 1/2 of the users maximum HP in normal weather conditions. It recovers 2/3 of the users maximum HP in sunny or extremely harsh sunlight weather conditions; and it recovers 1/4 of the user's maximum HP in a rain or heavy rain, sandstorm, and/or hail weather conditions. Either way, both, Wish and Moonlight recover 50% of the user's maximum health in a normal outing. I'm also not one for switching in and out a thousand times, so when my friend's and I battle in person, we go pound-for-pound with little to no switching Pokemon in or out. So, a lot of our group are built with coverage moves, making a move like Wish vs. Moonlight, only different in that Moonlight is instant. Keep in mind that Pokémon battling is about strategy, so trainers setting up for Wish or switching out with it can be part of a strategy.

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Find a male Togetic (or Togepi) and train it to level 28 where is learns Wish.
Breed Togetic with a female Pikachu/Raichu to obtain a baby Pichu that knows Wish.
keep breeding until you get a male Pichu. It's 50/50 so should only take a few eggs to get one.
level it up a bit and keep it happy so that it evolves into Pikachu.
Breed the male Wish Pikachu with a female Umbreon to get an Eevee knowing Wish.
level up and evolve into Umbreon.

You can also use Smeargle, as noted at the end of that part.
Thanks this is very helpful for futer referense but I dnt feel light doing all that right now plus I dnt feel training another umbreon from level 1 because I trained like 6 of them and gave two to a friend so she could breed :3
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Wish for Umbreon is an egg moves, so it learn Wish by breeding!

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An easier way than the ones above is simply breed a female eevee evolution with a smeargle this can be used to teach any egg move to any pokemon in the ground egg group.