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Ok I have seen people say wish is a better way healing than moonlight but on my diamond my umbreon is lvl 100 and nvr got a chance to teach him wish and I dnt see any tm called wish in the guide book!?!

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Find a male Togetic (or Togepi) and train it to level 28 where is learns Wish.
Breed Togetic with a female Pikachu/Raichu to obtain a baby Pichu that knows Wish.
keep breeding until you get a male Pichu. It's 50/50 so should only take a few eggs to get one.
level it up a bit and keep it happy so that it evolves into Pikachu.
Breed the male Wish Pikachu with a female Umbreon to get an Eevee knowing Wish.
level up and evolve into Umbreon.

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You can also use Smeargle, as noted at the end of that part.
Thanks this is very helpful for futer referense but I dnt feel light doing all that right now plus I dnt feel training another umbreon from level 1 because I trained like 6 of them and gave two to a friend so she could breed :3
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Wish for Umbreon is an egg moves, so it learn Wish by breeding!

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An easier way than the ones above is simply breed a female eevee evolution with a smeargle this can be used to teach any egg move to any pokemon in the ground egg group.

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