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I'm playing Ultra Moon and need to trade a Turtonator. The problem is I want all my Pokemon to have my OT and are in pokeball. At first I thought: just simply trade a random Turtonator and then breed it to get the nature, gender, etc I want. So the ball contain it wouldn't matter. But I didn't know all of its babies would have the same ball that the mom had! How can I get them in pokeball? Do I have to trade again and again until I get one in pokeball and breed? Please help me, my OCD is killing me...

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If the female is in a certain ball and she breeds with a ditto, the offspring will inherit the mother's ball.
You could breed the female Turtonator with a male one in a Pokeball and the odds of the child inheriting either of the 2 balls will be 50/50.
Easiest way would just be to get another Turtonator inside a Pokeball and breed it with a ditto and you will be guaranteed a Turtanotor in a normal pokeball.