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If you have a good competitive moveset for Pikachu, post an answer below and upvote the best ones. (We're making this one exempt from the pre-evolutions rule, since Pikachu is very popular.)

Be sure to include full set details in your post, e.g. items, abilties, natures and EVs. Some detail, including the intended game mode for your set, is also appreciated. Access the full list of guidelines here.

Pikachu Pokédex and learnset for reference.


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Pikachu @ Focus sash
Jolly Nature
252 Speed EVs 252 Atk
0 IVs in HP, SpDef, Def.
Fake out
Extreme speed
You switch in, 2 free turns with fake out + Protect
You take yourself to your sash.
Endeavor takes them to 1HP
Finish with extreme speed
Healing berries
Multi-hit moves
Opponent's fake out on your fake out turn
Opponent's feint on your protect turn
Entry hazards
Switching out on extreme speed
Ghost types
Them not attacking on your exposed turn
Inner focus
Healing moves
Flame body
Cute charm
Queenly majesty
Psychic terrain
Their priority moves
Moves with status chances with their status activating ie: Hurricane, then hitting itself in confusion, fire blast gets burn, blizzard freezing, relic song putting to sleep.
Tl;Dr only switch in this in if none of these are here, and you can be sure they won't see it coming

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You have asked the right person about pikachu
Item-Light Ball (Of course)
EV's HP-252/Speed-252/Attack-4

Thunderbolt (STAB)
Volt Tackle (For close moments)
Quick Attack (Chance for going first)
Iron Tail (Rock Coverage)

Hope this helps
Thank You

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The Pikachu of Mercy (Double Battle Supporter Gen 7)
Item: Focus Sash (No one shotting this time.)
Nature: Relaxed (Sacrifices Spd for Def making it live a bit longer.)
EV's 252 Spd 126 Def 126 Sp. Def

Surf: Handles Ground Typings plus helps allies with abilities like Water Absorb, Storm Drain, and Dry Skin.
Discharge: STAB plus damage other Pokemon plus helps allies with abilities like Lighting Rod, Motor Drive, and Volt Absorb.
Volt Tackle: STAB plus paralysis. Needed for Catastropika (Ya gotta defend yourself in some way)
Grass Knot: In case of heavy Ground typings or Water/Ground plus helps allies with abilities like Sap Sipper. (If you aim at the ally that is!)

This can be used in a way like how most people use Smeargle, A stat boosting or HP helper. Just this time using attacking moves. Think of it like the attacking-but-helping Smeargle.

To get a Pikachu with Surf, transfer the Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow or if playing in USUM, become champion in all the surfing spots.

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Pikachu Trait: Lightning Rod
Nature: Jolly
EVs 252 Atk/4 Def/252 Spe Item: Light Ball (418 Attack!!)

- Volt Tackle (STAB)
- Fake Out ( Priority)
- Iron Tail ( risky accu. Hits Diancie)
- Knock Off ( Get rid of the opponent(s) item and coverage)
A physical Pikachu that I’ve used. Pretty OP

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So I would go for a special pikachu but if you want a physical it wil be on here
Item:Light Ball
Evs: 252 special attack 252 Speed
Nature Timid
Thunder (STAB and higher chance to paralyze
Rain dance (makes it everytime for thunder)
Signal Beam (Deals With Psychic)
Brick Break (removes rock sometimes rock can have ground as a type)

Heres the Physical Pikachu
Item:Light Ball
evs: 252 attack 252 speed
Nature Jolly
Volt tackle (stab boi)
Dig (removes Jolteon)
Iron tail (Get rids of fairy types)
Knock Off (remove held items)

If You want a mixed pikachu here
Item: Light ball
evs:106 attack 163 special attack 252 speed
Nature: Docile
Thunder (stab)
Rain dance (helps)
Dig (removes electric types)
Hidden Power Ice/Grass (removes ground/water)

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Partner Pikachu (M)
Tier: Let's Go OU
Nature: Modest/Adamant Ability: Static
Thunder Punch(STAB)
Quick Attack(priority)
Zippy Zap(STAB, priority, critical hits)
Toxic(for annoying-to-kill Pokemon)

Thunderbolt(STAB)/Thunder(more powerful, less accurate)
Splishy Splash (CURSE U GROUND)
Thunder Wave(for paralysis) or any other move

Please comment if this moveset needs some things to improve or the moveset isn't good enough! This is my first moveset, so I wasn't very good at making it so tell me what are the things I need to change!

You don't need both Zippy Zap and Thunder Punch on your physical moveset- just Zippy Zap should be fine. Use that slot for something to counter your Ground weakness, or you could go for coverage with Floaty Fall, if you are really going to go the Let's Go route.