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Does a trainer have a limited amount of Pokemon while adventuring in the anime and games?
(I don't own a Pokemon game so I don't properly know).

In the games, players are limited by their PC sizes. You can read about PCs here. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/PC
And if you really mean Pokémon going around with you in the PokéBall it's 6.
In the games, a trainer can have up to 6 Pokemon in their party, and numerous more in their PC Boxes, depending on the game. Typically the anime rarely ever depicts a trainer with more than six at any given point but the manga is an interesting case. To quote from Bulbapedia,

> In Pokémon Adventures, there are technically no limits to how many Pokémon a Trainer can have on hand beyond what the Trainer can physically carry. However, Trainers are still limited to a maximum of six Pokémon for official battles, such as in the Pokémon League.

The anime is sometimes can be confusing or inconsistent but typically it's six Pokemon
Ash had hundreds of Tauros.
He's never had all 30 in his party at once.

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Well there are many answers actually...
In the anime, it’s unknown how many Pokemon can be kept by a trainer. Of course you can only keep six in your party.
In the games it depends what game you’re playing as more Pokemon keep getting added so the pc boxes get bigger. Of course, you can only have 6 Pokemon in hand.

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Actually, I believe in the anime they stated it was Pokemon League rules to only have 6 Pokemon at once.