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What moves can attack Pokemon using Fly? Which moves can attack Pokemon using Dig? Can attacks that hit Pokemon using Fly hit Pokemon using Bounce? Can any attack hit a Pokemon using Shadow Force?

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Thunder, Thunderbolt, Twister, Gust, Sky Uppercut - can hit fly and bounce
Earthquake, Magnitude, Fissure - can hit dig
Not sure what can hit shadow force

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No moves can hit Shadow Force directly, but you can hit if you used Lock-On or Mind Reader in the turn before.
Or if they have the abilty no guard.
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The moves thunder, thunderbolt, twister, and whirlwind can all hit a pokemon even using fly, and as for dig there is magnitude earthquake and fissure. Using the psychic move Gravity will prevent moves like bounce and fly, as for shadow force, I don't think there are any moves that can hit when Giratina uses shadow force, you could switch for a pokemon that has a normal type to protect yourself from that much damage.

Ghost type moves have no effect on normal type pokemon.Same thing the other way round,too.