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I was battling bruno of the elite four so I was happy enough to battle with my level 80 charizard. We were up against his machamp. I use fly thinking I was going to dodge any attacks and also I could hit him in the second turn with the attack being supereffective. He uses stone edge it hits charizard then he uses bullet punch that hits charizard again. Charizard gets knocked out so I pick my giritina I use shadow force and giritina gets hit again by the same attacks.
I was wondering are those attacks ment to hit?

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The attacks are supposed to hit. It's due to Machamp's special ability, No guard. No guard means all attacks will hit, regardless of accuracy. You could use that to your advantage and use inaccurate moves like dynamic punch, zap cannon, or if you want to be a real jerk, you can use a one hit KO move. You could also use skill swap on it, and use it against all his pokemon.

Thanks that has helped me alot. I never knew about that ability!!
I may use that advantage in the future!!:)
It's a great way to spam inaccurate attacks.
And can a machamp learn one hit KO attacks? And if so which one?
No, it can't! it's so funny if Machamp could learn Horn Drill, Sheer Cold or Fissure...