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This is a question I've always wondered for a while now, if any sprites in Emerald are changed compared to Ruby and Sapphire.

No, this doesn't include the animations and second frames in the sprite. I'm talking about if the default sprite is different compared to Ruby and Sapphire, not the second frame or the animation.

I believe not. I can double check but it'll be a bit.

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I looked through all the Kanto Pokémon and found several Pokémon with noticeable differences.
(left is Ruby/Sapphire, right is Emerald)

Wartortle is more purple in Emerald (no, that's not its shiny form):
Wartortle Wartortle

The outline around Caterpie's feet blackens (credit to Scorby). The far-side eye and tail-tip are also a bit different:
Caterpie Caterpie

Lickitung loses the smile:
Lickitung Lickitung

Jynx's skin tone is slightly lighter:
Jynx Jynx

Snorlax speaks for itself:
Snorlax Snorlax

I found no major differences between any Gen 2 sprites.
Even though you said you don't need all of them, I'm going to go through it anyway because why not. Gen 3 will be added when I have a chance to look through them.

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Thank you, I don't need all of them. I was just curious if there even were differences in the first frame, otherwise I would've suggested to include Emerald's second frame sprites on PokemonDB itself.
If you’re asking about the movement, the question asks to exclude that, since all Emerald sprites have an added movement when they’re first sent into battle.
Other than that, I don’t really see much of a difference.
Look a little closer. There's a red outline on the feet for RS, while E has a yellowish gold one to match its body. The colors used for the red are also different between the two.
Oh, I see it now.