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If so is it legal as well as free? (Does not have to be free but must be legal)

Probably not. Emulators aren't legal.
awwwwwwww so they aren't ok then, *sigh* I shall never see hoenn in it's former glory ;(
You could still play it on a GBA but I don't know if you have one or if you could get one. They're not too expensive if you buy one pre-owned...

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Yes, but it is not legal. Nintendo hasn't released any Pokemon game on the PC, and probably won't.

The only way to get the game on your computer is to use a ROM or an emulator, which are both illegal. So basically, the only way to play R/S/E legitimately is to play it on a DS or Game Boy Advance.

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Emulators are legal...
no they are not.