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I was playing Platinum with some headphones on, when I realized the sounds my Pokemon made were made on the right part of the headphones, while the opponents, were on the left. Was I just hearing things?

I think this is intentional, made to make you feel like you're directly in the battle. Nintendo actually has experience doing this. (E.g listening to a Splatoon song with more than 1 vocalist with headphones.)
@Agent 3, Pokemon was not mde by nintendo, but I they re basically connected, so I guess, but IDK
You sure?
Pokémon was made by Satoshi Tajiri, who at the time of creation, was part of Game Freak. So Satoshi and Gamefreak made Pokémon. However, ever since 1998, Pokémon has been owned by 4 companies: Game Freak, Nintendo, Creatures, and The Pokémon Company. Nintendo markets Pokémon, Game Freak makes and develops Pokémon games, Creatures does side stuff and is pretty insignificant, and The Pokémon Company is the joint Company of these three Companies. :P

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Pokémon games from Yellow to Black 2/White 2 generally have two sound settings the options menu. These are called "Stereo" and "Mono", and the default is usually Stereo. Stereo sound is atmospheric, meaning a sound that comes from the left will play from the left speaker and vice versa, where Mono (short for Monotone) plays the same sounds in both speakers. So, essentially, yes. :P

The only time I can see Mono sound favored is when one of your speakers breaks and you only get half of the sound, which actually happened to me, and made Lavender Town's theme a nightmare. :P


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