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Or is it just a myth?

Well i guess yes but it is super unlikely youd probally give up after an hour of attempts

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Well, I believe you can, because do you really think Game Freak would make 1000's of different drawings for a...let's call it a myth? Trust me. The answer is YES, you can get identical Spinda. It's only logical.

Uh scolipede MILLIONS
lol i found 3 spindas with the same patrens in 5 hours
(i was on spinda hunt)
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Spinda designs are based on a mechanic called personality values, or PVs. There are over 4 billion different possible Personality values (4,294,967,295 to be exact). So the chances of having two identical Spinda are extremely low. Even Spinda's HeartGold and SoulSilver Poked entry says there are 4 billion designs. Plus, any of these designs can be shiny, so if you count shines there are over 8.5 billion possible designs. That's more than there are people on Earth! So yes, it is TECHNICALLY possible to have two identical Spinda, but the odds are so low that you can safely say you'll never find this.

"Some of Spinda's Pokédex entries mention the odds of two Spinda having the same spot pattern as less than one in four billion. Since Spinda's spots are based on its personality value (a 32-bit number), a simplistic model would put the odds at 1 in 4,294,967,295." -Bulbapedia