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Don't know if this has been asked before, so hope you don't mind this weird Spinda question. I'm talking about ORAS when you go to the appearance/cry section of the Pokedex. Does it show the pattern of the first Spinda you registered (I must have released a Spinda so I can't check...)? Can it show more than one Spinda pattern? The main thing I want to know is if a shiny Spinda shows in the Pokedex with the same pattern you saw it with or no. Sorry if this is confusing or not allowed but I happened to think of this.

I have a shiny sounds and the spots on it we’re different than the one on the dex, I believe
Shiny sounds?
So the spots on the shiny are different than the regular one? Just to be clear I'm talking about when you can zoom in and hear cries and stuff.
Sorry. Autocorrect. It corrected spinda to sounds lol
I have a shiny spinda and the spots on it were different than the one on the dex, I believe*
Believe :(
I could double check but I’m lazy. I’m 90% sure it only shows one form regardless of the form you catch for both shiny and nonshiny
it has da spinda pattern :swag:

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Decided to go check this out on my Pokemon X copy.


As you can see here, the Pokedex entries for Male and Female Spinda are identical in the location of spots. Obviously, I did not encounter a Male and Female Spinda that had the exact same spots, so it is reasonable to believe that there is a certain Spinda pattern they use for the Dex.

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Okay thanks.
(I was busy so I didn't notice)
Your all good