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I have hatch 50 egg and all of them are female . I know it has 12,5 % of female but I I don’t khow why it hatch so hard

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Do you mean none of them are female? I don't know of any way to influence a Pokemon's gender in Crystal, so maybe you're just unlucky.
My advice is that you just keep trying.

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I know from experience that it is possible. The first time I hatched mine, it was actually a girl.

I don't know if you're unlucky, per say. Did you save before ever getting the egg, right after the gym battle, and reset? Or did you receive the egg and then save? If it's the latter, that would be why because the contents of the egg are already determined at that point.

If you saved before receiving the egg, then you're just not getting it yet. Keep on trying. Stay patient.

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How do you know the contents of the egg aren't determined when the Togetic lays the egg?