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I want a list of all moves Smogon deems competitively viable. I don't want moves that become more viable only with the help of an Item/Ability that would otherwise be unused (Like Technician+Bug Bite is Viable). I will mostly use this list for theoryMon-ing and similar applications. I am only asking because I searched for a source that listed all of them and couldn't find one. If you could give a link to a site that does list them, that'd be appreciated as well. :P


Are these the moves that appear at the top of the list when you're choosing a moveset?
Most of the time, yes. :P
What do you mean by "Smogon deems competitively viable"? Is there a certain place(s) on Smogon that have viable moves? What format?
I mean, excluding all of the moves that are almost never considered good and including the moves that almost always outclass others (Example: Brutal Swing is outclassed by Night Slash, but Knock Off doesn't outclass Pursuit, Sucker Punch, or Foul Play because they serve different purposes). :P
People in CAP project refer to moves that aren't viable sometimes, most prominently when creating CAP Pokémons' movepools, but they don't specify every move that is/isn't viable. :P
In general, the moves that seem to work well or can work well if a Pokémon has access to it are the ones I am looking for (if a move is viable but only if it gets STAB, include it), so I don't think it is tier dependent, but I want a 6v6 Singles dependent answer. :P
How rare is "almost never"? And what if a move is often used despite being outclassed, like how some Pokemon use calm mind despite being outclassed by nasty plot?
All right sUmwUn, how about this: Remove every move that doesn't appear on the "usually useless moves" list on the Showdown! singles tiers (as well as AG), but also don't appear on any other Pokémon in said formats' useful moves list. That is what I consider competitive moves for 6v6 singles. :P
Is this good enough, or do I need to find a way to be any more specific? :P

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That's kind of a broad question. However, In Pokemon Showdown if you look up a Pokemon and start to build its moveset, it splits all "viable" and "unviable" moves into their respective categories. But just because a move is considered "unviable" doesn't mean it useless. This game, after all, is about creating out of the box ways to become successful in the game, you don't necessarily need to use viable Pokemon or moves to be competitively viable.

I know, I use moves that are considered unviable sometimes (like Snatch). I just want a shortened movelist so that I can remember which moves are generally good to put on any given Pokémon. Mostly for a lot of theorymoning. :P
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