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Basically the title. Team archetypes include things like Hyper Offense, stall, weather subsets, terrain teams, etcetera. I want to know which ones are the most viable and what makes them viable (team staples, matchups, etc). Thanks in advance.

Side note: Don't tell me to ask this on Smogon, thanks.

My friend, who currently has a 1700+ ELO rating in Gen 8 LC, says that the only viable team archetypes in his opinion (and the only ones he has ever built and lost to in battle) are Webs and any kind of Offense. And Trick Room, which is high risk, high reward.
I personally am finding this extremely weird as a question as any playstyle can be good in a 6v6 singles format.
If you're good as a team builder, you can build legit everything to benefit you. I myself made like five Magnemite Stall for USUM AG today, something which is unexplored and is underrated.
@Assault that doesn't make sense. If you're going to win vs noobs with 5 Magnemite when a good player can lead with Necro DM and just Sunsteel Strike kill all, what's viable in it? And no, stall is not totally viable at all in LC, so I think it doesn't apply to any 6v6 singles format.
who the heck runs 5 magne LOL. I meant 5 magnemite stall *teams*, with one magnemite in each (like this https://pokepast.es/3857e6a08a30a309). and who says magne isnt viable? have you played against it? zen brought it to agpl, skarph to snake and pichus to agpl. its one of the best out there atm, please dont criticise anything you dont know about
And I never did give any example of LC lol
What I meant to say is, if you're a good builder, you can make almost (emphasis on almost) everything work in a 6v6 singles format.

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LC is an offense oriented meta compared to defense, because of the level 5 mechanics favor offense and it scales much higher compared to defense which is why stall is not existent at all. I suggest watching this video which goes into in-depth of why stall is bad.

With lots of sweepers and wallbreakers, it naturally becomes a HO meta. The best set-up sweepers and breakers at the moment are Grookey and Scraggy.

Sun is the best weather with Vulpix being its setter. Second is hail which is also usable as Amaura also providing Aurora Veil support. While Sand has a natural setter in Hippopotas, Grookey is very troublesome which is why sand isn't that good and popular. Finally, Rain sucks a lot due to 1. Not having a Drizzle Pokemon means you're relied on Rain Dance 2. Grookey wrecks you.

Terrain teams
Terrains aren't that great. They don't offer much power now compared to the 1.5x boost back in SM, and they just end quickly. You can't run a Terrain Extender over Life Orb / Eviolite because you lose a lot in power/bulk.

Still, if you had wanted to try a Grass Spam team here's a team with SD Unburden Treecko + Grookey.

Hyper Offense
The best HO right now is undoubtedly Webs. After Vullaby ban, It's been even considered to be suspected or can be quick banned. Just a tl;dr is that Scraggy under Webs is broken and easy to spam. The best Web setter is Dewpider and abuser is Scraggy.

While using Webs, you have to take care of stuff like Magic Bounce Natu which is problematic, though with a bit of right plays you can get around it. Apart from Webs, there's also Onix and Dwebble HO which are just as good with mainly comprising of hazard stack aka Spikes. Here's a Sun HO + Dwebble that's very easy to use and good as well.

That's all, hope I helped!

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