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Basically, what are the Gen 8 OU viability rankings? What niche does each Pokemon in Gen 8 OU have, if they have one? Why are some Pokemon in OU not as viable as others, and why are some Pokemon more viable than others?

Hope this wasn't too confusing.

the lowest is snorlax and is in RU, so are you talking about gen 8 ou viability rankings of pokemon that are in ou or in general?
Oh, just Pokemon that are in OU.

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Most viable in the OU tier: Clefable and Toxapex
Least viable in the OU tier: Mew, Jirachi, and Primarina
full viability rankings
Pokemon have different viabilities for lots of different reasons. For example, Mew has a few niches in OU, but Ferrothorn is better in most situations because it has higher physical defense and more resistances. Also it seems like the OU metagame just needs walls and utility more than it needs other roles, like suicide leads or choice specs users.

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