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I want to restart my Alpha Sapphire game but I have Pokemon I want to keep. Usually, in the past, I would use PokéBank but due to Sun/Moon I'm scared I will not be able to.

What I'm wondering is if I can use pokebank the same way people were using it in 2014

For example: If I buy a year of PokéBank, would I be able to withdraw my Pokémon to my new save of Alpha Sapphire if my Pokémon Moon doesn't touch the Pokémon or, would I need to just transfer them to Moon?


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Any Pokémon caught in or transferred to the Generation VII games, or that was transferred from a Generation I or II game, cannot be transferred to the Generation VI games. Such Pokémon are outlined in a white square when using a Generation VI game with Pokémon Bank.

So long as you haven't put a Pokémon in Pokémon Bank into a Gen 7 game, you should be able to put said Pokémon back into Alpha Sapphire. :P


Hope I Helped!