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So after hearing how useful Toxapex is as a staller and wall is it true? I'm wondering how tanky is it? And if it isn't true what are attacks that can insta-down it? I'm planning on using one and just making it a staller so I'm wondering if its defenses are actually good enough to help it survive a long time.

What competitive Format are you playing? :P

Toxapex with it's HA Regenerator specifically is an excellent wall and possibly a staller. Although, all walls and stallers have attacks or ways to "instadown" them, the way to keep them alive is to keep away from such things. For Toxapex, such ways include strong Psychic, Ground, and Electric attacks, most notably from Tapu Koko, Magnezone, Landorus-T, Tapu Lele, and Mega Latios. :P
Toxapex is a good wall and defensive pivot in OU and Monotype. I'm less sure about other formats.
SO F###ING TANKY, just if ur playing in OU, watch out for tapu koko

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Toxapex has incredible defense (152) and special defense (142), but is slightly nerfed by it's low HP (50).

It's poison typing means it not only removes toxic spikes, but is also immune to toxic, a common move used to cripple walls. It also means it's weak to common types like ground (earthquake) and psychic (psychic, psyshock)

Toxapex's incredible ability, regenerator, is possibly the best ability for a wall in the game, as it heals 1/3 of it's health whenever it switches out.

As for moves, Toxapex gets tons of fantastic moves. Most notable are:
Haze to deal with Pokemon who try to setup on it.
Scald to cripple physical attackers with a burn.
Toxic to semi-stall out opposing Pokemon.
Toxic Spikes to lay down valuable hazards.
Recover to reliably heal health.

Despite seeming nearly perfect, it does still have some counters. Psychic types can pretty easily handle toxapex (though some like Mega Galade do not appreciate burn), Zapdos can defog away toxic spikes and deal hard-hitting thunderbolts but just HATES toxic variants, Ground types give it some trouble but they are often weak to scald and none can take a burn very well, and taunt can successfully shut down Toxapex easily, leaving it to spam scald or simply switch out.

All in all, Toxapex's ability to successfully wall with it's high defenses and immunity to toxic as well as it's options fight back against it's own counters makes it a very successful (and popular) wall.