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Second XY play through and I'm not sure if I should keep Talonflame or Pyroar. Movesets would be helpful.


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Pyroar's moveset hasn't not much good damaging attacks through level up with the only ones being Incinerate (Lv 51), Overheat (Lv 57), Hyper Beam (Lv1) but there is a lot more it can learn through Technical/Hidden Machines like Will-O-Wisp, Giga Impact, Bulldoze, Facade, Strength, Wild Charge and Solar Beam. Pyroar is also immune to Ghost type attacks. Ghost wouldn't really do anything to pyroar if it could hit though.
Pyroar also can have the ability Rivalry which isn't too useful. The other main ability is Unnerve which is only really useful for competetive battling.

Talonflame's moveset is completely different for combat though, with many moves it can learn such as Brave Bird (Lv 1 and Lv64), Natural Gift (Lv 31), Acrobatics (Lv 44) and Steel Wing (Lv60). Talonflame can learn more moves by Technical/Hidden Machines (Hone Claws, Will-O-Wisp, Steel Wing, Fly, Confide and U-turn). Talonflame is immune to Ground type attacks (Which is a really good thing for a fire type) and in return is 4x weak to rock. Many Pokemon can learn Rock Slide or Ancient Power. Rock types though are not a good matchup for Talonflame as it can learn Steel Win at Level 60 or through TM. Talonflame's main ability (Flame Body) is really useful for battling Gyms, League, Competetive or even some Legendaries. I say some as Heatran, Victini, Moltres, e.t.c are immune to this (as they are fire type).

So you choose with this information.

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Well let's look at there stats


Special Attack:74
Special Defence:69
Base Stat Total:499

Having not the best the defences in the world or the greatest attack stat it has a nice speed and a workable movepool making Talonflame ok in-game

Special Attack:109
Special Defence:66

Pyroar's defence stat is just as worse as Talonflame's but it has a very good special attack and a good speed stat although not as good as Talonflame's. It's movepool is filled with normal and fire moves soo it's pretty bad

I would choose Talonflame because it has a better movepool over pyroar's and mostly outclassed by the flaming Bird.