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Tyranitar. Or almost any rock Pokemon.

Most Talonflames have a choice band, and sweep with Brave Bird.
But, some do have Uturn, but they will most likely have a choice band and locked into another move.

Heres a set:

[email protected]/assult vest
Sand Stream Ability
Adamant Nature

Stone Edge-STAB
Pursuit-Predicted Switch outs, Stab
Earthquake-Type coverage

Having Pursuit will take out Uturn switchouts and Switchouts.
Stone edge for stay-ins, and crunch and earthquake for other Pokemon

Hope I helped! ;)

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Tyrantrum is an amazing Talonflame counter, as it's typing of Rock and Dragon makes it resistant to Talonflame's STABs. This also means that the Talonflame (unless it has Steel Wing) is forced to switch out, allowing you the chance to Dragon Dance or Rock Polish. Tyrantrum is a great offensive counter

If you need a defensive counter, then I heavily suggest Rotom's wash form, putting it in pretty much the same position as Tyrantrum. This gives you the chance to set up dual screens.