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What is so good about Talonflame? I'm just curious as it is one of the most used Pokemon in competitive play and I don't find anything that good about it? Is there something I'm missing? Does it have a good use? Thanks!

The hidden ability Gale Wings is what makes it used so much.
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The main reason why it is used so much is due to its ability gale wings, which allows Talonflame to use massively powerful priority Brave Birds, which will leave a dent in almost anything that doesn't resist it, especially when equipped with a choice band.

Another thing is that it has decently good coverage with its two stab moves, Brave Bird and Flare Blitz, which are unresisted by almost everything used in OU, except Tyranitar and Rotom-wash. It is also a good scout through the use of u-turn, and has pretty good survivability through the use of priority Roost, and can sweep through the use of Swords Dance. Talonflame can also increase its bulk as it can invest in HP EVs instead of speed and can run an Adamant nature to increase its power even more due to Gale Wings, as it will already go first because of priority. Even though it has flaws, such as pretty bad stats except for speed, a huge stealth rock weakness and other things, its advantages outweigh its weaknesses.

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It has high Attack and Speed, making it a good sweeper, along with its powerful movepool. It also has access to Swords Dance.
But the real reason is its Ability, Gale Wings, which gives Priority to Flying Type moves. Can't outspeed that Pokemon? No problem, I'll just beat you to it with Brave Bird.
It's also immune to Ground thanks to its Flying Type, so that knocks off one of Fire's weaknesses.

Talonflame doesn't have high attack
base 80 is avarege