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Another reason why I want to know this is because I always mess things up somehow. So for example, if I mess up or if my game crashes can I do it again or do I have to reset the game?

This page says you can use the glitch infinite times and catch infinite Arceuses. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pal_Park_Retire_glitch I don't know about how you can mess up your save file.

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The aforementioned script is not responsible for checking if the player has already caught Arceus, as this responsibility belongs to the script that usually runs when the player uses the Azure Flute. In addition, it does not require the player to ever interact with or even see the Arceus sprite. As a result, the above procedure to catch Arceus can be repeated an unlimited number of times.


the player is required to save the game in the void, so the same risks associated with the Surf glitch occur here, such as becoming trapped without a method of escape. It is also possible for, in the worst possible circumstance, the game to immediately freeze upon loading the save file, forcing a new game to be started. This can be tested for however by opening and closing an option on the menu such as the bag (usually referred to as a Black Screen Of Death test), as the game will freeze upon closing the selected menu option, preventing your save from being damaged.


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