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Hello! So recently I actually emailed Pokémon Support about a question I had about hacked Pokémon. The question was about using a hacked Pokémon to train other Pokémon. What I mean by that is that I had a hacked Pokémon in the front of my party, and I used it to level up/EV train some Pokémon in my party with the exp share. I wondered if the Pokémon in my party would have their legality/legitimacy affected. They sent me an email back that says “We cannot guarantee that using Pokémon that were even trained with hacked Pokémon would not result in a ban, so we suggest not using them in any competitions.” I’m pretty new to figuring out if a Pokémon is seen as legit/illegal in terms of what the game tracks, so I was wondering if they have any sort of way of tracking the Pokémon that trained your Pokémon? (This may be a stupid question but hey I’ll learn!)

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Pokémon that trained your Pokémon? I’ll tell you everything you need to know about using hacked Pokémon.
Yeah. Sorry, I meant like a Pokémon that is at the front of your party fighting and gaining evs/exp for your party Pokémon. The question I had was if that Pokémon was hacked and earned exp/evs and distributed it to your party Pokémon, would those party Pokémon be hacked?

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I don’t fully understand the question, but what I think you’re asking is about hacking legality. I can tell you, from experience, Pokémon has worse hack checks than most other online games. I hack Pokémon and if it looks like it was caught in the right place, it really doesn’t matter if it was hacked in or not.

Hacking in Rare candies or gold bottle caps to use on non hacked Pokémon will leave absolutely no trace of a Pokémon being hacked, infact, I transferred all my Pokémon from the Red/Blue VCV that had been trained with Rare candies it works.
(Same with gold bottle caps on USUM.)

I really think you shouldn’t care about hacking and legality checks much in Pokémon games, however I would suggest you play the most updated game of the generation.( OrAS for Gen 6, USUM for Gen 7. By playing the most recent version of your game’s it’s basically impossible to get a bad egg or harm your game save file in any way.

As for more hacked Pokémon information, you should be able to use hacked Pokémon in WiFi competitions. Anything that looks hacked will be removed from your team, hence you will be unable to use it and Nintendo will be unable to ban you. (I use hacked Pokémon all the time my entire WiFi team is hacked).

Also with the release of the switch, Nintendo is realizing it’s not really worth its time to issue bans on 3Ds games anymore.

Hope that answers(partially) the question.

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Yeah you did! Thank you so much! I’m sorry I didn’t explain it that well
Small comment. I don’t think the game has a way to check what other Pokémon were on your team when you trained a specific Pokémon. Example: I was EV training Wishiwashi using a Charizard that knew Energy Ball and Hydro Cannon
That’s what I thought, but I wasn’t sure. I guess I’m kinda paranoid when it comes to this kind of stuff lol