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In showdown I can't promote people in my group chat and thus they can't do tournaments. Can't find this on the internet.

Everybody here uses showdown i can easily get an answer here.
But i can't find anything there too many stuff its clogged. Thats why i do not use it.
The difference is that the people in that Smogon thread are top Showdown! developers who know nearly everything, while people like me only play ladder battles and chat in public chat rooms and not much else. If clutter is the problem, then you should simply leave the thread as soon as you're done posting there, and wait for red things to appear next to the bell in the top right corner. If clicking on the bell says, "<user> quoted your post", then clicking on that link should link you directly to the post that quoted yours.
I can't post there And incase you think the reason is no account i have one.
In that case, I think you should ask for help here ( https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/smogon-simple-questions-suggestions-thread.3582200/ ) or PM a Smogon administrator.

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Actually figured it out it just does not work on groupchat in the db server. I will hide if incorrect.

Edit: for anyone wondering type /roommod [username] or /roomdriver [username]

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