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here's the meme set I'm running

prankster meowstic with assist
+floatzel wiht switcheroo and ring target

idea is if a dark type (immune to prankster status move, in this case meowstic's assist) switch in, I use floatzel and switcheroo and give it ring target. Is this viable?

You should post this in RMT, not Pokebase.
I'm not asking if my team is good, posted the team just to show you what I meant by my question
which is, if I give a dark type poke ring target, will its immunity of prankster moves be ignored
and you were the one asking for the team
well that was just pleasant, especially for baiting me to post a team and then trying to say I'm on the wrong forum. I had to make things and try them out myself, here's the summary + recording of me trying things out


1. dark type is only immune to prankster status moves from the opponent, however not from teammate
2. ring target does not mitigate the immunity dark type has against opponent prankster pokemon's status moves

Idk if that supposed to be the game mechanic as this is tested on showdown, still need to confirm in game. also I think it's not in the "exception" list in pokemon wiki pages.
The question literally says, "Is this viable?" which I thought meant that you were asking whether the strategy would help you win games. So I just don't know what you're really asking. I don't intend to waste your time.
My bad, and sincere apologies. Maybe I should have worded it better. At least I got my answers HAHA =)

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I see that someone on Smogon already answered your question, but I want to put that information here as well as Smogon in case someone reads this in the future.

Ring Target does not let Dark-types be hit by Prankster moves. Ring Target only affects type immunities like Thunderbolt into Ground-type; you can't burn a Ring Target Fire-type Pokemon with Will-o-Wisp, as another example.

(note that thunder wave is currently the only status move that obeys the type chart, so ring target lets thunder wave hit ground)