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So I've decided to replay Platinum again and I have a Staraptor on my team that can act as a replacement for Lucario or Kadabra (unfortunately I can't get Alakazam ;^;). I was wondering should I give my Staraptor Return or Steel wing?

My Staraptor has a Jolly nature and Intimidate and its moveset will be:

  • Close Combat
  • Brave Bird
  • U-turn
  • ?

I've done the research and Return has better accuracy and more power (if you max out its friendship) but Steel wing has higher PP, a 10% chance of raising the user's Defense and it would cover 2 of its weaknesses (ice and rock).

What would people suggest? I've already got the TM's for it I just need help on which move to give it.

This is in game so you want to go for coverage I think.
@sumwun I completely forgot that fighting types cover ice and rock XD Thank you I will give Staraptor Return (I actually had it on my Gen 5 Samurott and thought it was overpowered af so it's a good pick)

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You already have close combat for ice and rock. Even if you don't, STAB brave bird is significantly stronger than super effective steel wing. Use return for a strong recoil-free attack (and the occasional electric opponent).

Also don't use Lucario. Gallade gets much stronger if you put in the same amount of level grinding into both.

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