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I was thinking about Ethers, but they do not sell it in pokemarts. I really need my Dragon Rege so I can defeat Lance. How?
P.S: I am on lets go eevee

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Technically what you said you lost the battle, so instead of going in again, use your Eevee to fly to Route 5 or Mt. Moon, and look everywhere to find it. You might run out of PP again, so I suggest a PP up, which you can find in Silph Co, Routes 13, 16 and 21, the Rocket hideout or the Pokémon Mansion.

Also since I can't write on walls YET, I would suggest SlowkingButFast. (slowking is not slow)

Source: Bulbapedia

Thx for the idea!
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I can't think of anywhere which sells the items you need to restore your P.P. your best bet is probably to just save using dragon rage until you get to lance.