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Strategy for defeating Kyurem in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : Gates To Infinity?

who are you using?

you want to start by using all-power-up orbs. make sure you have all the berries and reviver seeds you need. use your strongest possible team. Use fighting type moves a lot: if you're using keldeo and virision, you have a good advantage. if your starter is snivy, you want to keep that away from kyurem. axew can hit hard, but has to be protected. oshawott is useful, but can be inneffective.
Sammuwott is good but ineffective?
I'm sorry, that didn't make sense. what I meant was that while it's a fairly decent pokemon that I've used before in mystery dungeon playthroughs, it's water attacks aren't strong against kyurem.

@swastik, what starter does you have?
My starter is Axew and partner is Pikachu.
I just started PMD-GTI and I choose those 2 as well.
okay so if your pikachu knows iron tail you want to use that. axew is useful, but is weak to most of kyrum's attacks, so consider focussing most of your healing on axew, especially since if it dies, you loose. dual chop and dragon claw are super useful suppereffective attacks. your pikachu should be supporting most with orbs and other items, since it has the least type effectiveness against kyurem. use both defensive and offensive orb types, and remember not to try to give it status conditions. hope this helps.

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