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I want a good psychic fairy type for my team, but Idk which one to choose.
Hatterene has "Healer" ability and great spe. att.
Galarian Rapidash has "Pastel Veil" and good speed and defense(att too.)

Which should I choose???

Kind of need to know about the rest of your team to answer the question adequately.  Is this an in-game team or a competitive team?  What are you looking for in a Psychic/Fairy typing?  Do you need a Special Attacker, or a Physical Attacker, or do you need a Wall?
well, this is in game and the rest of the team is really slow TBH. I want a psychic fairy cuz no dragon or fighting resist (Also I love both of these pokemon) and really I just want a fun team. Not super competetive. Just want a better one than I have had i recent games.

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Depends whether you want a physical or special attacker, but I think Hatterene is the better option because...

  • According to your comment, your team is slow, and Hatterene can use Trick Room to help that.

  • Hatterene learns a lot of cool special moves that can fit your needs.

  • Learns good special moves at early levels.

  • just good in general

Hope this helped!

thx. I rly couldnt decide.