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I don't mind the new Galarian forms, but when constructing a fun mono-type team I would rather have a normal Stunfisk.

Does anyone know if its possible to get one in Sword/Shield and where?


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From what I know of, it is possible to get some of them, such as meowth and yamask. Some NPCs can trade you them. These NPCs are located in Pokemon gyms. I dont know if this is true for all, but some of them, definitely.

Edit: I just discovered you can also get Kantonian Mr. Mime in Spikemuth. Any other Pokemon that got a new evolution separate from an evolution that they previously had are available. Because Meowth and Yamask got Perserrker and Runerigus respectively, you can trade their Galarian Forms for their original forms because the original evolutions are actually required to complete the Pokedex. Pokemon such as Zigzagoon or Ponyta, however, you'll need Pokemon Home for. I don't know why you can get a Kantonian Mr. Mime because it only has Mime Jr. as it's pre-evo, and can't evolve into Mr Rime. I don't know of anymore possible regional variant trades in the games.

So this means that, unfortunately, you can't get Unovian Stunfisk in Sword and Shield yet.

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Actually, it won't be Pokemon Bank that transfers these Pokemon over.

There will be a new app for the Switch called Pokemon Home that holds these Pokemon. It is likely to release in January-February 2020.

My bad. Should have re-phrased.
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Currently, you cannot get original variants until Poké Bank comes out. Normally, I would suggest a Pokémon in replacement to your desired but stunfisk is kind of in a league of its own.

Yeah, just a fun team. Nothing competitive, but mono type electric with gimmicks.
Thank you, I assumed as much, being no one anywhere is talking about it.
I'm pretty sure you can trade for some normal variants though.
Not sure if there is one for Stunfisk.