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I've been using Roost and Heal Pulse, which got me thinking. Both of these only recover half of the max HP. If there's one that recovers ALL of a Pokemon's HP, I'd love to know about it.


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Rest is the only one that heals your entire HP.

In Gen 7 (SM), there are some Z-moves that do this, but are one-time use:

The Z-Moves that restore your HP are Z-Mist, Z-Teleport, Z-Haze, Z-Transform, Z-Conversion 2, Z-Spite, Z-Belly Drum, Z-Heal Bell, Z-Psych Up, Z-Stockpile, Z-Refresh, and Z-Aromatherapy.

You see, it can be pretty busted to have your HP fully restored without sleep repercussion, so that's why they're only one use and no others exist.

Credit to Multivee for the answer on the Z-moves.

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Rest is the only permanent move that recovers FULL HP, but it might be worth mentioning that there are moves that will recover smaller amounts of health, such as RECOVER.
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Rest recovers all HP, but it also puts the Pokemon to sleep.