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This is for White 2. Nothing from XY forward. I'm not looking for full HP recovery either.

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There are many, most of which are listed below:

Moves that make the user faint, but restore all HP and heal status of the Pokemon that switches in:

Moves that heal of the user's HP, but not status:

Moves that heal the user's HP and heal status:

  • Rest (this one does heal status, but replaces it with being asleep)

Moves that drain HP and give it to another Pokemon

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And both were introduced in Generation 4, so you're fine in B2/W2.
Are there any that don't cause the user to faint? Oh, and this doesn't have to completely restore HP. I forgot to mention that. I'll edit it in.
Rest replaces the status with sleep. Poison heal and toxic orb heal the Pokemon and prevents other status conditions, but that's technically still a status condition.

true, but those 2 are abilities and held items, when the question specifically asked for moves. also, as you pointed out, none of those 3 completely heal/remove statuses from the pokemon.


I'll try to edit my answer to fit the new criteria. Also, I did not find any that didn't cause the user to faint, but that might change in the edit.
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