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How do I level up Pokemon that need high friendship

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Leveling up is done by using Rare Candies or simply earning Exp from battles. Evolving is a different story. If your Pokémon needs high friendship to evolve, the following tips should help:

  • Battle a ton of low-level Pokémon (avoid higher level mons as the chance of losing rises)
  • Don't get knocked out
  • Depending on what game you're playing, there should be someone in a city or town somewhere than can boost your Pokemon's friendship (Join Avenue's grooming shop is one option), sometimes at monetary cost
  • Give your Pokémon a held item to boost friendship
  • Use friendship-boosting items (such as certain berries) on your Pokemon
Join Avenue is not in Sword and Shield.
Oops. Didn't see the tag. Still, that was just an example. There's plenty of other places to go to increase friendship.
The specific hold item is the Soothe Bell.
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This is what worked for me in Shield:

First, choose the Pokemon that you want to raise friendship for. in my case, it was snom.
add it to your party and go about your buisness. walking with it slowly raises happiness. If you have a soothe bell, give it to the Pokemon; it can be found in Hammerlocke in a house next to the stadium.
Do stuff in the wild area often: lots of cycling.
Do other things that encourage exercise, like the rotom rally or egg-hatching
Make sure to cook curry often and play with the Pokemon at your campsite
If you think it's at max friendship, show it to the boy in the house where you got the soothe bell. If it's at max friendship, he'll give it a ribbon. once you've determined that it is at max happiness, just use some candy to level it up, and it should evolve.

The big one here is CURRY. if your curries are good, your Pokemon will gain happiness very quickly.

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I gather you mean how does one level up friendship in Pokemon Sword and Shield? It's easier than ever. Simply use the Camp and continue using the feathered toy on the Pokemon you want to increase friendship with, can do more than one at once. Little icons will appear above their heads, which will change in to a larger icon once they've had enough play time. Then cook curry and repeat the previous step. You'll also be able to see love hearts appear when they've gone up a friendship level. This should happen 4-5 times. You'll know when friendship is maxed because icons will stop appearing. You can also get friendship checked and receive a ribbon for it in Hammerlocke. If you have the Pokemon hold Soothe Bell, the process will be quicker but even without it it only took me approximately 15 minutes.