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I kinda like my Cinccino's Hyper Voice for double and triple battles because it targets all the adjacent foes, but not my Pokémon like Surf and Earthquake do. What are all the other moves like this?


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All the damaging moves that target all adjacent foes in White 2 are:
Acid, Air Cutter, Blizzard, Bubble, Electroweb, Eruption, Glaciate, Heat Wave, Hyper Voice, Icy Wind, Incinerate, Muddy Water, Powder Snow, Razor Wind, Relic Song, Rock Slide, Struggle Bug, Surf, Swift, Twister and Water Spout.
Non-damaging moves: Captivate, Cotton Spore, Dark Void, Growl, Heal Block, Leer, Poison Gas, Snarl, String Shot, Sweet Scent and Tail Whip.
Hope this answers your question!

Surf targets all adjacent Pokémon including teammates and Cotton spore targets a single adjacent Pokémon. I'm looking for moves that target only the adjacent foes.
You forgot razor leaf, snarl, spikes, stealth rock, and toxic spikes. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Double_Battle