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I'm playing Ultra Sun Right now, and I saw something that looked like a fifth island. It is small and round, and it's in the northeast corner of the map of Alola.
I've beat the e4 3 times and finishedd RR episode. It's not aether paradise, is it an event-only area or what? I want to get to it!

You can even see it in all of the official maps of Alola!
Bulbapedia -> Alola
To simplify, Can I get to this Island, and if so, how do I?

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It is speculated, with good evidence and reason, that the northeast island is Poke Pelago. In the official artwork, you can see a small part of a beanstalk, behind a cloud.

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Thanks, that's helpful! Although I got my hopes up for a new USUM event...
Yeah, I know how you feel. Sorry, mate, but I don't think there are any more events happening to US/UM.