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So, I haven't started Shield yet but I've become aware that Sinistea/Polteageist come in "authentic" and "phony" forms. From my research it seems that there's about a 1% chance of one of those delicious bastards in the wild to be authentic -- I've also learned that you cannot guarantee an authentic Sinistea even if the parent you're breeding is authentic.

I was wondering if the same 1% chance applies to the offspring, or if it's just impossible to get an authentic Sinistea from an egg.
I guess it would make sense that they're all phony because them being offspring is just like them being forgeries of the original antique :P

I was wondering about it anyway though, because nobody from my knowledge has necessarily disproved getting an authentic one through breeding. If you happen to know for sure, or if you've hatched enough Sinistea eggs to make a solid guess, let me know.


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The Antique Form does not breed down, any Antique Form parents produce Forgery Form offspring.


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