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On Absol 81/145 its 2nd attack Doom News says Put all Energy attached to this Pokémon into your hand. At the end of your opponent's next turn, the Defending Pokémon will be Knocked Out. If you use this attack and then during your opponents next turn they opponents Pokemon Knocks out Absol and draws their last Prize card, but right after still during their turn they are Knocked Out due to Doom News and you draw your last prize card. Is it a tie?


different question, but i think this covers it.
If that Absol gets knocked out, then doesn't the battle end immediately? Or does it end after the end of that turn?

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Whoever is first (In this case, your opponent knocking out Absol) will win. Once someone wins in any way (Like drawing a prize card or having no card to draw at the beginning of your turn, for example), the game ends, and that person wins. Nothing in play can really affect the match at all when a win condition is realized. :P

Source: EXP

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