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I was just wondering if my Tynamo 72/160 card from 2016 is fake, because it has a rock hand symbol in the left for and many of my other cards from the same year does not have the symbol. I got a lot for cards from my brother in law and some have the rock paper and scissors in the corners. Please someone tell me if they are fake.

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Please upload a picture. You can use https://imgur.com/upload to upload it, and then post a link to it here.
https://imgur.com/a/e3OBtx1 This is the link to the photo thanks
From what I know, the card you showed has some errors to a similar card I have. Both cards are from the set Primal Clash which was released 2015, but your card is labeled 2016. Something else I found out about is that the cards set number is 62/160, but as you said, your cards set number is 72/160. Mine also doesn't have the strange rock paper scissors symbol, and neither does it have that strange holo effect your card does, which neither I've seen on a card before.
I couldn't find anything confirming your card is fake or just some sort of promo, but I just wanted to point out the oddities I found.
I found a question detailing almost the exact same thing. The card in question has the same holo pattern and the same fist symbol, so it's probably safe to assume that your Tynamo is fake, just like the card from the other question.

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For some reason, a number of recent fakes have started including a set of various hand gestures somewhat resembling Rock, Paper, Scissors in a bubble on the card, as if trying to create some sort of sub-game that you’d play instead of the actual game the cards were designed for.
If your card contains any of these hand gestures, like the open palm pictured on the Slurpuff, the card is a guaranteed fake. There are no genuine Pokémon cards with these gestures on them.

Sorry, every rock-paper-scissor card is a fake.

Source: https://www.justinbasil.com/guide/fakes

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