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I have quite alot of Pokemon cards. But I have also found out there is fake Pokemon cards to. How can you tell if any of them are fake?



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I thought you would like an answer from a person who plays TCG!

A fake card normally contains some of the following features:

  • Moves which the card does not officially have.
  • Moves with less Energy and excess power than original.
  • A backside with unusual and brighter in Contrast.
  • Wrong font and move text.
  • Some cards with no Copyright Date or an Illustrator at the bottom.
  • Some random picture which has nothing to do with Pokemon.
  • A website from where the card was created.

Fake Zapdos Lv.X

enter image description here
So here, is a perfect example of a fake card. This is slightly to bright, and can clearly look fake. See the difference?

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I don't realy use my cards in a TCG game. But I like to collect them. I was interested about fake cards but I did not know alot about fake cards.
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So yeah the best way really is to compare it to the real thing. I never play the tgc but I actually have like 300 cards. So I have a Ho-oh ex. Now I doubt its fake but I did get it off a friend many years back and I am not to sure.
Using this I can search for any card :)
So I searched for Ho-oh and it brings me to this link. you look for the art. If its not there you can be almost certain its fake. If you do find it like me
enter image description here
You are safe up to now. You should compare the moves and text to make sure its defiantly not fake.

So yeah the serbii cardex tool is really useful though in some cases like the Zapdos card Flare had its clearly fake. The art, text and colours are all wrong and that should be obvious. Though some are not so obvious.

Your Ho-Oh EX isn't a fake, Blob. You're SAFE :D
Where are all you people? Get on chat >.>
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I haven't got a single Pokemon Card.But I have found some answers for you.

1st Source

2nd Source

3rd Source

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the words normally look just weird. just compare the letters with ANY card. then. if the card is an EX, all Pokemon EX (black and whit) are going to be shiny.