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I noticed something odd when I was doing some max raiding with a Garbodor: Sludge Bomb, which has a power of 90, turns into Max Ooze when you Dynamax, but the power is still 90.

The power of each Max Move is usually higher than the move it came from, and Bulbapedia has a great chart that shows how much power every single move has when used in Max form. For some reason, Poison and Fighting moves are weaker than the all the other types. Not a single Fighting move turns into a Max Knuckle with over 100 power; many of the stronger moves actually get weaker! And lastly, get this: Night Shade turns into a 100 power Max move. Seismic Toss, which is the exact same move except for type, is only 75 power.

Any thoughts as to why this is?


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I can only assume this is related to the fact that Max Knuckle and Max Ooze increase your Attack and SpAttack (respectively) each time you use them. Not just for the Pokemon using them, either -- it boosts all 4 Pokemon, if they have hitpoints. Further, it's not restricted to just that move, either. Any other moves you use will benefit from that stat boost, as well, including other Max moves.

Compare that to Max Geyser, Max Flare, Max Hailstorm, and Max Rockfall. They start the corresponding weather condition. Rain and Sun will alter the output of Fire and Water moves, sure, but it doesn't keep stacking. And it affects all Pokemon equally -- both your allied team, AND the Raid Pokemon.