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I was playing X&Y for a bit and I realized that my Swalot's Toxic venoshock Combo almost one hit killed every Pokemon (even though they were at almost the same level). And then I was trying with poison gas instead and it didn't the same amountof damage. So my question is:
Does Venoshock more damage if you use toxic in stead of poison gas?

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Nothing in Venoshock's movedex entry says anything about it doing more damage with Toxic than with Poison Gas or any other poisoning move. Venoshock's power against a poisoned Pokémon is 130 though, so no wonder you were OHKOing everything! The likely cause of the apparent reduced power is that when you tried it with Poison Gas, the opposing Pokémon had higher special defense, was at a higher level, or used a move to boost it's special defense or lower yours. The fact that Toxic does more damage than Poison Gas itself might have added to the total damage as well.

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But, since Toxic inflicts more damage than normal poison, the extra poison damage will stack more. So technically, the target WILL take more more damage, but Venoshocks damage itself isn't necessarily increased.

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