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As stated in Bulbapedia, "Corrosion does not allow the Pokémon with this Ability to damage Steel type Pokémon with Poison-type moves". That is for Steel types, but I'm wondering, if for example, Salazzle attacked Muk with Poison Jab (30% chance of poisoning), can this poison Muk or is this ability only useful for Toxic & Fling?

Note: Fling is a Dark-type move.

Thank you for those who answered!


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Yes, when Salazzle attacks with moves that have a chance to poison, this poison chance is still calculated, even for poison types

Test: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7customgame-587429751

Cool! Thank you for testing it. Fortunately, it is not just limited to Toxic and Fling.