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As we know, badly poison increase poison damage each turn. but, how if it's switching out? is it start from beginning damage or continuous fror last damage? you know what I mean...
EDIT: for example, on first turn, it's damage 16, second turn 32, third turn 48, and it's switching out. when it was sent out, poison damage will be 16 again or will be 64 continuing 48? that's what I mean!

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Yes, I do, I think it would be bad poison again. It Always has been in my HG. Sooooo Yeah, But as I was saying, im going on vacation(Trying to get everyone on the site to know that so they don't think I left the site:))

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You're in vacation? don't you want to pass the Pokemaster? He's in 14.874 pts...
Cant, have to leave within the next half hour. Going camping, no computers:( Be back in a week though!(Saturday).:)
Wow, I couldn't stay that long without computer! Saturday? ok, have a nice vacation, I'm just here, stay at home...
I'm thinking about leaving the sight. Don't know why yet, just thinking.
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Ok this question was never really answered so I will. The gradual damage of Bad Poison resets upon switching so it will go back to 16 in Wobbefuet33's case.

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