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Just a sample scenario, I used a sludge bomb and the other guy switched to a Pokemon that I would prefer to be hit by toxic. The rng hates me and decides to poison this target with the sludge bomb that I just used. So, can this poisoned Pokemon still be badly poisoned or is it stuck with the regular poison? If it can still be badly poisoned, how do you go about doing it?

For example, I had my Venusaur used sludge bomb against an enemy Tangrowth. However, the other guy predicted this and switched to a Cofagrigus and the rng decided to poison this Cofagrigus, which I would rather be hit by toxic for the bad poisoning. So, can this poisoned Cofagrigus still be badly poisoned or is it stuck with regular poison?

This is for gen 7

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You'd have to cure it with something like Aromatherapy or by using Trick or similar to give it a berry to cure the Poison, then use Toxic on it.  But I'm not sure Aromatherapy or similar can be targeted on enemies.

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I’ll clear things up a bit. Once a Pokémon has a non-volatile status condition, it can’t have a new non-volatile status, no matter how similar badly poisoned and poisoned are. Here’s what Bulbapedia said:

A Pokémon cannot gain a non-volatile status condition if it's already
afflicted by another one.


Poison (Japanese: 毒 poison) is a non-volatile status condition


So, Poison, being a non-volatile status condition, automatically prevents Badly Poisoning on a Pokemon if inflicted by it.

Hope this helps! :)

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