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And do they have to be in the Key Items case to work?


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I think there is a similar question on this site, but It's for a different game and I can't find it... so okay.

This stacks with most other modifiers which increase
the Shiny encounter rate, such as the Masuda method.

Notice that it says other modifiers, so no. Plus, as far as I know, there is no way other than cheating to get multiple Charms.

Source + Experience

Bulbapedia's page on it likely say that because it doesn't stack with itself in normal gameplay because it requires hacking to obtain a second one. I don't think that "it stacks with other modifiers" is saying that it stacks with everything but itself.
Sorry for the late reply (I'd forgotten about this question for a while), but I agree with Hellfire. I know the only way to make this happen is by cheating, but I'd still appreciate a definitive answer not based on speculation or an incorrect interpretation of Bulbapedia's description of the Shiny Charm.