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I know that both these abilities lower your pokemon's egg count by 2 instead of 1 when you take 255 steps, but if I have 5 pokemon in my party with that ability, will it got down by 6 instead of 1? (since the egg count goes down by one for every 255 steps, and an extra 1 for the ability, making 1+5=6 ) So a pokmeon with an initial egg count of 6 ( for instance) would only need 255 steps to hatch?

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No, a field ability will be accounted for once, and the effects cannot be stacked by having multiple Pokemon with the same ability. Imagine having a team full of Synchronize Kadabra, and expected a "300%" increase in meeting Pokemon with the same nature.

Not to mention that fact that the game wouldn't know which Kadabra to account for its nature, in this example. That's why the field abilities only apply to the Pokemon closest to the front of the party. All other "copies" are ignored.

Damn, that would be awesome to hatch eggs with only a few steps.