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I hoped to use a Contrary Spinda in ORAS(Relaxed Nature) but if those are the only moves then I don't know if I should keep this Spinda or go for a Calm Mind moveset. I currently have 5 badges; which moves are available for me that uses Contrary to it's advantage?

How would Assist and Contrary fit together at all?  Just the (rather low) chance it pulls out a move that would otherwise lower stats?
I'm sorry but you're not answering my question.
Which is why I commented, instead of answering.  To get more information to better answer your question.
Contrary Assist is normally used with carefully-constructed teams where everything except Spinda is limited to nothing but moves on the Assist exclusion list, except for one Smeargle or Victini carrying V-create. That way it's not just a *chance* to call that move, but a downright guarantee. See https://3ds.pokemon-gl.com/rentalteam/usum/BT-100E-48D6 for an example.
Thank you SadisticMystic. I've been using this Spinda for ORAS story since I asked this question. I like it since the npcs use hindering moves that are beneficial to Contrary Spinda(Swagger on the other hand; is pretty annoying). Although I would think that it would be useless on competitive(I don't really care).

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assist, copycat, metronome, mimic, snatch, superpower
(not including moves that raise Spinda's stats if the opponent has magic bounce, like confide)

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