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Sometimes when I defeat the elite four and I'm on my way to Hau, many other trainers appear I would like to know what trainers appear?


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It is not always Hau. These trainers can also appear.

  • Ryuki, who specializes in dragon types
  • Plumeria, who specializes in poison types
  • Hapu, who specializes in ground types
  • Sophocles, who specializes in electric types
  • Youngster Tristan, who has no specialty
  • Guzma, who specializes in bug types
  • Kukui, who has no speciality
  • Gladion, who has no speciality
  • Lusamine, who has no speciality. Note: Lusamine appears on the first of the month, based on your 3ds clock.

Source: https://www.serebii.net/ultrasunultramoon/elitefour.shtml

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