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Can I get a HA bunnelby/diggersby in Pokémon y
I f so how

I think you can get a Bunnelby in either hordes or Friend Safaris.
Bunnelby you can't, Diggersby you can.

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You can get a Bunnelby with its hidden ability by breeding a Diggersby from the Friend Safari. Note that they aren't guaranteed to have their hidden ability, but rather have a chance of it. The chance is 1 in 3 with the Friend Safari.

Source: Bulbapedia + Serebi

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Are you sure hidden Pokemon are in Y?
Hidden Pokémon are not in y
They mean hidden ability Pokemon, which you can get. But this answer isn't perfectly accurate.

You don't get it as Bunnelby, you get HA Diggersby from the Friend Safari and obtain HA Bunnelby through breeding, according to Serebii.