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I'm trying to get seed bomb on my Torterra, since it's better than razor leaf, and I don't want wood hammer (recoil sucks). It's gen 4, and my Torterra is male so I can't get anything from breeding. I'm doing it for in-game, for Bertha. I can't do any trade shenanigans because I'm playing on an emulator. Am I just stuck with razor leaf?

What gen 4 game?
DPPt because they mentioned Bertha, a Sinnohan Elite 4 member. and playing on an emulator? really? (but i cant complain bc i do it to sometimes)
I know PPPt. What i don't know is wether its DP, or Pt
yea i dont know if it makes a  difference
I'm playing on DP, if it helps.

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First of all, iloveflareon123:

You would have to get a Ditto and breed your Torterra with it to get Seed Bomb.

That's not how breeding works. (Actually I might get what you mean but this could be misinterpreted.) Also it's impossible to get Ditto until the post-game.

Second of all, it does make some difference which Gen 4 game this is, because a tutor exists for it in Platinum, but at the same time, you also can't get it until you reach the Survival Area, which is in the post-game. So, it may be inaccurate to say the only way to get Seed Bomb on it is through breeding, but if you want it before the Elite Four are defeated, you'd have to train an entire new Torterra.

Third, you'd be shocked how many Pokemon that aren't grass types get Seed Bomb, you shouldn't assume that the next one would be a grass type.

recoil sucks

It doesn't suck enough that you should immediately exclude consideration of its use. Yes, other than Seed Bomb, Wood Hammer is your only other physical option, but I actually highly encourage it - don't be afraid of it, it's worth the recoil. I don't know why people are so afraid of it.

I agree Wood Hammer is preferable over Seed Bomb considering you can just use a Ground attack whenever you don't want recoil. However, I can understand why you might not want a recoil move for an in-game playthrough, since the added power isn't a must-have and recoil ends up chewing through your potion supply.
Dude, buying 40 max potions is child's play in this game.
Yes, but that doesn't make buying them and repeatedly using them any more convenient.
If it were between me and keeping Razor Leaf or using a special move, that's my choice. We're being inconvenienced either way. If we wanted the most convenience out of their starter, OP would've chosen Infernape. :P
Okay. I'll give wood hammer a try.